Hot Wheels DRIFTING Will Make You Crave For Your Childhood!

Women might be right when they say that Men never grow up! But how could we when we have HOT WHEELS?! The video here will show a construction genius that has created a drifting pad made for HOT WHEELS drifting! It is really a pleasure watching those little cars as they avoid obstacles, take over each other, as they hit their bumpers and everything else that comes with drifting! Get ready to see different styles of drifting, different cars and obstacles! Some of them take wide curves easily while others are not able to do it! Some got wrecked and completely destroyed while others did many drifts without a scratch! If you get the idea to do this by yourself, it is very easy!

You do not need to construct your own drifting pad, you can find it in several toy shops in your town! However, if you are building your own, make sure you use an adhesive sheet that has `micro asphalt technology`!  The footage will definitely make you to run on the attic and search for your dust covered Hot Wheels Collection! Go on, have a throwback!

Anyway, more Hot Wheels drifting here!