Definitely THE BEST RC Cars Drifts! Display of Drifting Skills!

Sometimes the video clips with the best RC cars drifting and doing some incredible stunts are so great, so real looking, it makes you think whether they are even better from some real-life drifting videos. From some of them, of course! Because, when you have a full range of drifting cars, like the Nissan Skyline GR R34, BMW E30, Toyota Supra, and many others, and the quality of the video is on a high level, being shot with many different cameras, from almost every possible angle, and finally perfectly edited, it really is something that is not much different from watching a video with the full-size cars in drifting action.

Today we are going to show you one such an amazing example, a greatly filmed and edited video clip, with so many specimens of RC Cars, starting from the Nissan GTR, all the way to the BMW M3, and everything from the above mentioned (and much more) in between. It is happening in an indoor area, and the track is equipped with all the details that will make it look as real as it gets. The fans, the pit-stop, the drivers, they have just about everything needed for a complete spectacle.

And the drifting skills are just a perfect conjunction with that great set up. You will get to see some great drift-driving being showcased, shot from every attractive angle (they even have a GoPro camera installed on some of the cars) that makes watching those great little cars even more appealing. So check it out and enjoy it. And if you want to find out which are the best RC cars for sale currently, go to this link.