Nissan GTR STOCK Vs Procharged SRT8 300 & One Flying ‘VETTE!

Those of you who like watching drag races videos, from the battles that are taking place in a little bit unconventional places, and who are following the YouTube channels of the guys and groups who are recording such events, had probably come across (or know well actually) the group called Da Callouts. These guys are known by their video clips for all kinds of drag battles and races that are happening in all kinds of places, which make them different from many others. That is why we have decided to show you one of their drag battle videos, with two appealing models: one Nissan GTR Stock against Procharged SRT8 300.

The race is happening during a very dark night at a place called Sneak Peak (but do not hold me on that). Unfortunately, except the above mentioned, there is absolutely no other information about the cars, the engine, the horsepower, etc., just the poorly night vision on that Nissan GTR stock. But the interesting thing is that in the moments when the GTR starts hitting the road hard, a Corvette appears all of a sudden like a lightening, and it seems like it is about to fly away! What was that?! I`m wondering…

Check out the video and tell us what you think about it in the comment section below. And in case you got interested in that awesome Procharged SRT8 300, go to this link.