Watch A CORVETTE Z06 LPE Sweeping Off A Nissan GTR!

No matter whether you are one of the entire army of millions of fans throughout the whole world, of the legendary Japanese rocket-sled, the Nissan GTR, today we are showing you a video clip from a drag race in which you will see how one of the biggest symbols of the American sports car engineering, the Chevy Corvette, is literally sweeping off the strip with the `unbeatable` GTR. The video is coming from those (by now) well known Russian drag battles on either 1 Mile or on 1 000 meters, where we have one real monster of a `Vette, a Supercharged model of a Chevy Corvette Z06 LPE, with an engine under the hood that gives an output to an astonishing 700 HP.

Its GTR opponent is a Nissan GTR R35, also modified, with an engine under the hood that is boosting a 480 HP. And it seems that those 200+ HP is making a hell of a lot of difference. Despite the Nissan GTR`s better launching, after a few hundred meters, the awesome Chevy Corvette Z06 LPE is taking the lead, and the final result is a whole 3 seconds faster than the GTR. Even though these results on this distance is not the way we usually do things in the US, you can also see the quarter mile numbers, shown on the telemetry data. So watch this great race and enjoy it.

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