Music Show With Blacked Out Nissan GTR R35 GODZILLA!

Music videos have always shown us some beautiful singers, interesting choreography, funny stories and super fast cars. But in this kind of music videos, the star is one and only and the whole show is delivered by one terror beast. This time for the pleasure of all GTR lovers we have a brand new Nissan GTR R35 Godzilla as the main and only character in this awesome music video.

The song in the background will immediately catch up your attention, but the real satisfaction of the senses will come up with the performance of this dream car. In this video you can see this Nissan GTR R35 Godzilla doing some fast acceleration onto the streets of Czech Republic. Furthermore you will see how this vehicle rules the road by reaching 145 kmh for around 10 seconds.  Synchronized with the music in the background, we guarantee that this Nissan`s action shoots will leave you speechless and you will want to own identical one.

From the best examples so far, this car can be modified with a full HKS exhaust system and it has the potential to produce 850HP, enough to move like a rocket and make amazing sounds. What would you modify on your Nissan GTR R-35?!

Enjoy the video below!

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