Awesome & Extremely LOUD Supercharged 800HP Corvette ZO6!

Every time when something interesting is happening, or there is something attractive and appealing that is coming on the way, people are gathered at one place and try to get (at least) a glimpse of it. But you never really know what is going to happen, when you are dealing with something that you do not know personally, or have not experienced it before. And all of these go double, when that `thing` is one mean and loud sports or muscle car, like this supercharged 800hp Corvette Z06, that you are going to see in the following video.

Here we have a whole crowd of about one hundred people, `fighting` for a better place to see one awesome looking and very powerful supercharged 800hp Corvette Z06, with a beast under the hood that is giving an output of 800 HP (but from the moment that the video has been recorded, this Corvette has been boosted up to 960 HP!). And from the very first moment when the guy is stepping hard on the throttle, everybody goes totally wild.

Many times we can read and hear how some people are complaining that so much power is unnecessary. But I think that after watching this video, even the loudest ones will be left speechless. I know that you are going to enjoy it, but if by any chance you happen to have a friend like that, just play this one for him and see the reaction – absolute pandemonium!