Absolutely Excellent RC Drifting Battle! It Is As Exciting As Watching A Real One! Anyone?

Check out this Absolutely Excellent RC Cars Drifting Battle! Bihoku track replica? It Looks awesome!! We could only say a few things after watching this video! First of all, it really is kind of nostalgic when watching Remote Control cars as it puts you back in time! Secondly, we actually wish he had THESE Remote Control Drifting cars which would definitely make our CHILDHOOD interesting! It is FASCINATING how far technology has gone for these DRIFTING RC CARS seem to be VERY realistic as ADULTS might find them more interesting than children!!! Ready for some overtaking, drifting and bumper hitting?! Take a look and this video and put your bets on your favorite RC DRIFTING CAR!!! Apparently, using RC cars for drifting is getting more and more popular in Japan. We now realize why! Seeing this drifting battle between the RC cars on the track made us want to try this! This video truly shows how fun drifting with remote controlled cars can be.

After they put the camera on one of the RC cars, you get a whole different perspective of the whole thing! For a moment, we thought that it was an actual car drifting, not a remote controlled one! The Japanese have even built special tracks just for drifting RC cars! Leave it to them to invent something crazy! We are absolutely certain that eventually this will become popular in the United States as well. There are many fans of RC vehicles here and some of them will definitely love this! However, until that moment comes, the best we can do is share a video of RC cars drifting!

We hope to soon see RC cars having drifting battles right here in the US. Enjoy the show and let us know what you think about drifting with RC cars!