Underground RC Drifting With Miniature Cars, Hot Rods And Many More! Heart Filling Experience!

Things are going wild and crazy in Calgary as drift club Prodigy D performs ART with their RC vehicles! Having the honor of participating to this event is a real pleasure! This RC drifting thing has jaw dropped us as we still cannot believe all the things we saw!

The tiny little RC cars are shockingly perfect! Some of them even open as you can peek into their interior which, by the way is unique and elegant, just the way it should be! The track they are racing and drifting is amazing. Really unique and original!

What impressed us the most while watching this RC drifting event, were the hot rod RC vehicles! You can easily spot what seems to be a 1932 Ford sedan with green neon lights under the engine. Quite cute!

Then, the perspective and the way they line is tremendous! You can sport them on every curve as they do the same maneuvers and get the curves perfectly! That is however, the driver`s “fault”. These guys know their RC cars and have no obstacles when it comes to perfect RC drifting!

Many famous models of cars can be seen in this video! Nissan Skyline, Chevrolet and many more are just a tiny part! The collection gets much bigger with the Toyota, Mazda and others involved!

Check this RC Drifting video in 1080p HD for Your Maximum Enjoyment! The underground drift club Prodigy D RC  South Pointe Scion  made a private practice drifting session in Calgary Alberta, Canada while the Dealership is CLOSED! The famous studio RCSparks went on scene to capture some great action and amazing cars. We are sure that you agree these series are getting better and better! Don’t forget to share it if you like it!

Read more about Prodigy D team, by following this link!