CRAZY Drifting in Front of Turkish Police! Was This Staged? Thoughts?

An amazing video comes from the Asian country of Turkey which territory spreads in Europe as well! We are all Gearheads here and as such we love crazy drifting, right? But we know very well that we have to behave nice when the police comes! No fooling around when the blue boys join the party! Of course, we try to avoid them in the first place. Well, these guys from Turkey here, do not seem to mind if the Turkish police comes and joins the party! Not only do they not stop the party, but they start crazy drifting more and more, harder and harder!

Now, the video is realistic. We asked whether it is staged, not because it looks like that, but because it seems so illogical that the drifters behave like this when to cops are around. The Turkish police is known to be very severe when it comes to conducting law. Turkey is no symbol for democracy and tolerance so these kinds of events seem highly staged! Anyway, we hope it is not and we are probably right!

Would you drift near a cop?! Lots of us would not, but luckily today we have someone who loves that kind of adrenaline rush. Check this crazy drifting in front of Turkish Police.

The drivers have lots of luck, because of the extremely calm and patient behavior by the police. The “blue angels”are even confused by the situation, as they continue to ask the drivers “What are you doing?!”

Less talk, more fun. Watch this marvelous video that will surely make your day. You will be proud to see how our fellow Gearheads from Turkey spread the drifting culture!

Anyway, was this staged?
Finally, follow this link to see one of Turkey`s police teargas actions against top selling newspaper raid!