Outlaw Buggy With A MASSIVE Burnout in Front of the POLICE!

A Busted Knuckle Film Production is giving us a pleasure of this great and entertaining video of stunning buggy in a hot police pursuit… What we have here is one hard core, awesome looking, rock bouncer Outlaw buggy from CSC Fabrication getting prepared for a little photoshot session, when a traffic police car appears on the road, and starts pursuing it and tries to…well, I do not know what is the local sheriff planning to do, but what he gets is a lot of rubber burnout`s smoke and a few laughs. I mean, traffic police car trying to catch and stop this kind of Outlaw buggy? The thing climbs mountains! Come on, get serious!

It is the least important whether the whole thing is staged and `fake` or not! The fact is that it is a really cool and funny video and that is all there is to it! The point is well made. It is one of those unique and original vehicles that are simply too good for regular roads and police will stand absolutely no chance of catching it even if they are crazy enough to try it.

If you want a `real thing`, go and watch some Hollywood blockbuster! This one is for guys who love great cars and vehicles, having fun!

Enjoy the video below!

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