A Funny Video of 10 Attempts Where Drifting Went Wrong!

One thing that every sports car fan is having in his mind is to try and drive his car like his role models and idols do it. And with all best wishes and preparations in the world, many times those attempts are ending up very, very wrong. Thus lead to all sorts of funny situations in which the main participants usually end up looking ridiculous rather than getting hurt. These are some situations where drifting went wrong!

A good thing out of it that we learn a thing or two about ourselves and our driving abilities, mostly that just because we spend many hours watching and listening to advises of guys like Ken Block or Tanner Frost, that does not mean that we are ready to imitate what they do on the race strip.

The video you are about to see is a great compilation of different types of drivers and vehicles and their attempts to do some attractive drifting on their own. However, check out these drifting went wrong videos!

Muscle cars, pick up trucks, bikes – all of them in the hands of not very experienced drifters can go terribly bad and wrong.

So watch the video and try to learn something from it. Finally, check out these weird drift cars!

Enjoy the video below!

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