Pink Barbie Jeep Cardboard Rodeo With Dale Earnhardt Jr!

Do you know that song by Ahmad “Back In The Dais” and its lyrics, when he is rapping about the time when he was a kid, and how much he wants to go back in time? Well, regardless of whether you know it or not, I`m sure that many of you have been thinking of something like that in a certain point of your life. Well, he might not have been thinking of a Pink Barbie Jeep. But these guys in the video are not just thinking it, but actually doing something about it. Thus, I will tell you straight away that the video that you are about to see in this post, is a pure example and even a text book definition of having a fun just like when you were a kid.

These guys, along with NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr., decided to show off to everybody just how little it takes to have a perfect way of having fun with plastic Jeeps, improvised skateboard, plastic tubs and many, many other things from everyday life, when you use the Pink Barbie Jeep and your imagination. They are tying a rope on one of the mentioned toys to a vehicle and start surfing and drifting with it in the dirt circuit. The result is the wildest ride you will ever experience. I`m sure that many of you will recognize themselves from the childhood period when everything was possible. Take a look.

Finally, here are some very cute baby Jeeps!

Enjoy the video below!

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