God I Love QUAD BIKING! This Video Is INSANE!

Quad biking is a new and very exciting way of experiencing and exploring the vast beautiful nature this world has. Imagine quad biking with your buddies through some of the greatest and untouched wilderness in the world. And quad biking is easy to learn, it doesn`t require any special experience in order to start on this great adventure.

All terrain vehicles are really a great thing and probably there isn`t anyone out there who does not like these great toys for grownups (well, maybe some hard core environmentalist, completely overtaken by the spell of guys like Al Gore), especially the awesome quad, that are taking us all back into the days of our childhood, when we use to believe that anything is possible!

Quad biking is a great source of fun and inspiration to leave the concrete urban areas through the weekends and go up in the woods and have a little fun, chill out on off road terrains and test your driving capacity in a way that is not posing danger to anyone and anything.

And the video that we have prepared for you today is exactly that. These guys took their Cam Ams in the woods and decided to have a little fun in place full of mud, testing just how far their machines can go. And the fun they have in all this mud is great. Mud is splattering all around, but these powerful quads don`t mind at all. These quads are personal custom builds. And these riders are always riding them in low gear.

Our main protagonist is a `goodfella` and does some amazing things with his quad, all the way until that mud becomes a little bit more than what he can handle. Or not!? Check out this great video and find out for yourself.

Finally, if you want to see how a proper Quad Wheelie is done, follow this link!