Johnny Depp & Amber Heard With STUNNING 1968 FORD MUSTANG!

Boy…Trust me when I say that after you`ll see the following clip that we have chosen for this article, you are going to wish to be in Amber Heard`s shoes, like you had never ever wished for something like that before! During all of these past years since he is a celebrity, we have all learned that Johnny Depp is a guy with style, charm and exquisite taste for aesthetic and beautiful things. Thus, I think this video will only prove that we were right to think about him that way all this time! So I`ll try to tell you the story about this 1968 FORD MUSTANG as short and clear as I can.

As most of you know, a couple of years ago, Johnny Depp got remarried with the actress Amber Heard. And from what we have understood, it turned out that Amber had a 1968 Ford Mustang from her dad, but in a very poor condition, because it was neglected for many years. So now, Johnny and her father decided to give her a surprise, by arranging for a complete restoration of that old and rusty `68 Mustang and telling her nothing about it.

Now, after the entire job on the car was finished, they deceived her to come into this shop, where she supposed to be parting out her classic Mustang. But instead of that, she was in for a surprise, she have not expected. And when she saw just how everything turned out, how much awesome the old 1968 Ford Mustang had become, she was out of her mind.

So check out the video and see this moment of joy yourself, and feast your eyes with that awesomely restored Mustang! And if you are interested in seeing some of the rarest American muscle cars, click here.