Meet The MAN With More MUSTANGS Than The FORD Factory!

Adelbert Engler’s greatest passion is the legendary model, Ford Mustang. Believe it or not he has made a collection of more than 5,500 model cars from this american muscle. That must be more than the Ford Factory has!

This is definitely  the world’s largest collection of the legendary Mustang models and it is situated in Hojsden-Zolder city in Belgium. (I was very surprised this is not in US). Mr. Engler is the owner of the most famous service for restoration and repairs of this model in his country and probably in Europe as well.

There is no need to say that he own every possible version from this model that was ever produced anywhere in the world and yes, he owns some other Mustang souvenirs like bottles of whiskey in the shape of this muscle car.

Check the video to see what he has to say about this feelings about Ford Mustang!

Definitely a place to visit!