She DATES Them & Then She Takes Them TO A DRIFTING Prank!

We have all seen beautiful girls having exciting drives in astonishing super fast cars, but now it is the time to see the opposite situation where men are the ones who are being driven mad by a girl. In order to celebrate this year`s Valentine`s Day, people from Ford decided to prepare another spectacular drifting prank with a gorgeous stunt driver whose mission was to scare her dates out of their pants. And she was quite successful, but here is how all started.

The so-called Speed Dating begins in a typical jazz bar, where the beautiful blonde girl has several blind dates with a number of fellows. Afterwards, she invites them for a ride, and then the show takes place. The professional stunt driver starts her remarkable drifting performance with her 2015 Ford Mustang on one parking lot and by that makes the blood of her dates run cold. Shocked, amazed and scared… As the ride continued, the guys were getting confused by the godlike skills of this girl, but at the end they have just admitted that they had the best first date ever! Or was that a first drifting prank ever?

Would you also drive with her? Check her skills now!

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