Ready for some nice drifts? If the answer is YES, then fasten your seatbelts and come with us, we`re going to Spain! A country that is well-known for its beautiful beaches, beautiful women and moreover, beautiful mountain roads! Of course, we Gearheads do not really mind if we pass all the beaches, waves and cocktails and hit it straight to the roads and drifting! We have an amazing video to show you! We are proud to present these awesome drivers that come from Europe! Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you Steve Baggsy from The United Kingdom and Buttsy Butler from The Republic of Ireland!

What a combination, turns out things get pretty amazing when the Brits and Irish work together, at least when it comes to drifting! However, check out the video where these two adrenalin junkies drift the roads of Spain, go over tiny and narrow streets, drifting all the way! Enjoy listening to the sound of the squealing tires and the running engine! These MONSTER ENERGY ATHLETES are here again to demonstrate their skills for you and make you wonder: What does a man need to handle his ride like Steve Baggsy and Buttsy Butler?! Enjoy folks!

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