Here is a video clip for which we will not spend many words `talking` and describing it, because it is one of those when the expression that `the image is worth a thousand of words`, simply applies a hundred percent. I will even dare to say that despite my utter love and affection for the great Detroit muscles, and the pleasure I get from watching them in all kinds of stunt performances, or drag races that are making me feel my pulse skyrocketing, this one is a uniquely awesome adrenaline rush experience! And all of that just by watching the video clip of this jaw-dropping skateboarding raw run experience of these two fellows who deserve every respect by all of us, for creating something so cool, something that has the ability to boost our inner positive vibes to a sky-high level!

I do not know how most of you will react to it, maybe because as a kid, I have had my share of skateboarding adrenaline rush experiences, so this one is giving me such a hype right now. But I honestly think that many of you will share the same feeling about it as well!

So without further adieu, ladies and gentlemen, take a look at these guys having a the skateboarding raw time of their lives! And if you want to see some more awesome skateboarding stunt performances, go to this link.