This ANTIQUE Peerless Tractor Z3 Can Move MOUNTAINS!

We have always admired the power of heavy and strong machines that are ready to do impossible and unimaginable tasks. From pulling through pushing till lifting, today`s vehicles are capable of moving mountains with only a slightly effort by human hand and that is perfectly proven by the video below. Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to one more beast that can pull a 20 bottom plow. This 120HP Peerless tractor Z3 is one of those beastly engines that make tremendous torque.

Actually, this machine is rated 120 HP at just 250 RPM, which means it can make about 2500 ft-lbs at full speed. However, the steam engine can make more torque at lower speeds, so the engines this size can produce over 3000 ft-lbs at near stall speed. Amazing right?

What is more fascinating is that this restored torque monster makes us admire the grit of old-time farmers, because working with this machine, that has ultimate strength, can be helpful and highly dangerous.

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