The Artus Mini V12 ENGINE Might Only Produce 10 Horsepower!

This awesome crew that you are about to see in the video below, became popular on the Internet with an air-cooled mini V12 and now these guys are back with even better invention -- a completely new water-colored Artus mini V12 engine.

This little thing produces a really sweet and smooth sound that I bet you will want to set as your smartphone ringtone. The Artus mini V12 engine can be easily installed in any RC vehicle or a Gokart, but also fits perfectly into cars in scale 1/3, so if you still have your childhood car, then don’t throw it away, because it can grown into a little fast vehicle. Although, this engine might only produce 10 HP, being a V12 we are guessing that it has an awesome amount of torque.

If you are interested for this great engine, then you should visit the official page of Artus Motor, where you can find more information about the specifications that their creations have. Also, these guys have invented even smaller engines that can be used for 1/5 scale cars. Amazing right?

Anyway, here are some mini engines on eBay!