Caterpillar D11R Pushing a Massive 20-FOOT ROCK!

Does he want to drop it on his boss`s car or to just move it away? No idea. We still do not know the actual motive for moving this enormous 20 feet rock, but the fact that it is being so smoothly pushed down a cliff says a lot for the power that only these CAT vehicles can have. Say hello to another construction vehicle that will impress you with its strength and in case you want to order one then write down the model – it is a Caterpillar D11R.

20 Foot Rock Can Be Easily Moved All You Need Is A Caterpillar D11R 2

With power of 850 HP, this heavy machine can do whatever you can imagine on, when lifting and pushing arise as tasks. Without even the slightest effort, this monstrous Caterpillar is ready to make the impossible.

At last we have to praise the operator of this vehicle, who managed to roll the rock, not to push. This ability is called in our world “feeling it out” and as you will see it can be done by raising and lowering the blade at the right moments, as the rock is kicked along. Do not forget that if we were back in the history, this ability would be equalized with the energy of thousands of people.