2015 Ford Mustang Model Cars 3D-Printed in Chocolate!

Valentine`s day is not just about love towards your partner. It`s much more. There are many types of love. The one we are currently writing for is he love for cars. Beautiful, outstanding, breathtaking cars. We are convinced that you shall fall in love at first sight with these mesmerizing Ford Mustang Model Cars!

The love we have for our automobiles can be very special at times, but also a bit selfish. Well, it depends on what you consider to be selfish, we guess. Nevermind, it all for a special cause. Preparing your wheels date-ready is considered to be half the job done. Keeping this at mind is there a better way to prepare yourself for the big Valentine`s day? Lover around the world are vacuuming, cleaning, detailing, washing, and waxing their vehicles getting ready for their big dates. The celebration of the day of love, more commonly known as Valentine`s Day is all about cars and don`t let anybody else tell you otherwise! We guarantee you that there will not be a dirty or dusty car out on the roads this night. Since February 14th or Valentine`s Day is all about love and there are flowers and chocolates all around, why wont you make this night even more unforgettable with just cleansing your car? You know what they say about the fastest way to win a man`s heart is through his stomach, right?


Keeping that in mind, Ford gracefully shows its date by 3D-printed Ford Mustang Model Cars that came in candy form. Yeah, that`s true. Ford has produced and launched something unusual and miraculous. That would be the new chocolate and peppermint candy, miniature in size and shaped in the form of your most desired modern model of a muscle car. As the people from Ford said, the process commenced with a creative hand in hand work with 3D systems and The Sugar Lab in Los Angeles, California joined together in order to design this amazing little Chocolate Mustangs.

The first step is to make a digital map of the Ford Mustang while being put into the CAD program. The digital version has been programmed in the 3D printers. Lasly, the printer prints out an precise, 4√ó2-inch, tasteful Ford Mustang. Having these edible, this one-time-only there were 3D-printed chocolate Ford Mustangs and as the word spreads Ford is most probable to license these application for some time in the near future. Bon appetites, mes cheries!

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Enjoy the video below!

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