FORD MUSTANG Vs 500cc HONDA TRX450r In A Drag Race!

What happens when there are two powerful vehicles and some spare time for spending? If your answer is RACE, then you couldn`t have been more right! That`s a good way to spend your free time, and it is even better when racing is your profession! Yet not everyone is fortunate enough to be a professional racer, but racing for fun will still do it. As long as it is in a controlled environment without jeopardizing the others. Nevertheless, Muscle Cars Zone is all about racing hence the video below which features a race! Strange, isn`t it?  In this footage, you are going to watch two 4-wheeled vehicles in several drag races! One of them is a Honda TRX450r quad bike and the other is a Ford Mustang!

This whole video (with exception of the end) is recorded from a camera mounted on the biker`s helmet, which offers a great deal of excitement! There are four races in this recording, in which the automobile didn`t stand a chance, except the last one when it has a head start! We don`t know why the driver kept trying! At last, do you think that the weight difference was crucial in these races? Check out the FORD MUSTANG Vs 500cc HONDA TRX450r race!

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