Mazda Datsun 1.3 Rotary Engine VS Powerful Chevrolet Camaro!

Every race type offers special type of fun. But they all have one thing in common – it`s called adrenalin! This time, we have prepared for you a video featuring a drag race which does not take place on a special drag race track, but instead on the street! This fact makes this video clip even more exciting! Nevertheless, the race you are about to watch is actually a part of the first round from the KC Mini Cash Days event. The participants are a Mazda Datsun set in motion by a 1.3 rotary engine (Mazda`s trademark) amplified by a 72 millimeter turbo system and one extremely powerful Chevrolet Camaro, for which sadly, we do not have information regarding the specifications.

You may think that the Japanese vehicle, Mazda Datsun does not stand a chance against the American muscle, and if that is the case, you are wrong! In fact, the Datsun is the vehicle which claimed victory at the end of this race! It showed more control and stability. On the other hand, if the Camaro could`ve stayed more stable, it would have been the winner without a doubt. Let`s hope that the lesson is learned. At last, this videos is recorded from various cameras, including one mounted on the Camaro`s roof!

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