INSANE Drag Race: BIG FOOT vs JET DRAGSTER “Terminal Velocity”! You Must See This!

This is something you do not see very often! A race between a monster truck and a jet dragster! It is a weird matchup, but really enjoyable as well! The video that you are about to watch has the monster pickup truck called Big Foot as a main participant, versus another monster truck and than up against the super jet Car called Terminal Velocity! The passion and obsession with monster trucks with gigantic wheels is never ending story when it comes to tuning up these vehicles and improving their performance on and off the drag strip. We were really happy to stumble upon a video like this, showing us how well can a monster truck do against a jet dragster!

We are quite sure that you know Big Foot very well by now, and you are aware of its abilities and potential.  We have seen it many times in mud `strips` challenges, but this time we have this crazy vehicle in a drag race, at a 1/8 mile distance at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway Show. As we mentioned, first challenger is another monster pickup truck, that is known by the name “Snake Bite“. This challenger didn`t pose much of a threat to Big Foot. But then when the face off moment with the super jet dragster Terminal Velocity comes, things suddenly became much more serious. Although Big Foot rushes of to a good start, and builds a good lead, it was still defeated! This was because of the insane acceleration speed the jet dragster Terminal Velocity had! It won the race with almost no effort at all! You definitely won`t want to miss this unbelievable video! The jet dragster Terminal Velocity is fast like a rocket! Press play and turn the volume down a little bit!

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Enjoy the video below!

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