Welcome to the Cruisin` The Coast. Dating from 1996, it is the largest vehicle exhibition show in Mississippi. An event with many awards behind its name. Also the guy in the video invites you to be part of it, confirming the things we just said. Anyway, let`s talk a little bit about what we are about to see here. A company named G Smith Motorsports caught the attention of the man recording the video. Certainly they have something different to show. And yeah, it is true! This company builds custom motorbikes. But not ordinary, two-wheeled ones yet trikes and quads with BIG BLOCK engines! The particular unit in the video is a quad bike called SHREDDER. The name truly corresponds with the performance. Wait till you hear that LS2 V8 engine!

Unfortunately, we can`t see it. But, before you do that, keep your volume up because awesome sounds are always present! The first thing that is noticed when it comes to the Shredder, apart from the mighty LS2 V8 engine, is of course the cool paintjob and the shiny rims. Moreover, this motorcycle has an independent rear suspension and Wilwood brakes. It was enough talking, it is time to hear it!

At last, if you want to learn more about the Cruisin` The Coast event, follow this link and visit the official page of one of the most popular exhibition shows.