FINALLY The Solution For USED TIRES – “Terminator UF” – The Ultimate TIRE Shredding Machine!

If you have ever wondered about where do the worn out tires end up and what is happening with them, when there is absolutely no other possible use from them, than the answer to that question is coming in the video bellow that we have prepared for you in today`s post. It is a special tire shredding machine!

Most of the times we are looking at the tires is in the moments when we are thinking about which one are the most suitable for our vehicle, or even more likely, when we are watching some massive and attractive burnouts that gives us an adrenalin rush and blows away the steam inside.

But today we have decided to show you the second part of `their lives`, actually the end of it, after there are literally good for nothing. And this is the moment when this big machine called “Terminator UF” is coming on the scene and starts doing its thing. In the video you can see this tire shredding machine literally grinding, powerizing and granulating tires! But these destroyed tires are not going away forever. In fact, they are being recycled. So, from the granulated product this shredding machine makes brand new quality tires. This “Terminator UF” tire shredding machine sure plays a huge role in the tire industry. Who knows how many tires daily the “Terminator UF” devours. This tire shredding machine is a beast indeed. And when you see how many tires are just laying around at various gas stations, mine sites and tire dealers just waiting to be recycled into brand new quality tires.

I do not know about you, but I have always found something interesting and appealing when I`m watching something being destroyed. You know the saying “You must destroy to build again”? Well, if you ask me, I could not agree more.

Shredded tires are used in asphalt repair jobs. If you need some more credible info you can find them HERE!