Caught on CCTV Keying Up This Beautiful PORSCHE!

There is one simple rule that every real man follows – you do not mess with somebody else`s car! No matter what the problem is! If a real man has an issue with some other guy, he should confront him, without putting a car in the middle of the problem. Really, the car has nothing to do with the issue itself! We do not have to explain the car`s place in a guy`s life. Anyway, the video you are about to see left us speechless, jaw-dropped, unpleasantly surprised. We believe that there is no car lover in this world who could sit still while watching these guys caught on CCTV.

In it, you can see two people harassing somebody else`s automobile. Actually, only one of them is performing the “act”. The first thing that strikes you is that the guy is really drunk. He begins by pouring some alcohol on top of the car. That`s enough to piss me off! Then, he bends the side mirror! OMG! However, all of that was not enough, so he took a ROCK and scratched all over the Porsche! We wish best of luck to this car`s owner in finding this rascal!

Finally, follow this link to see how dumb people destroy their cars! You may recognize some of the mistakes!