N2O Bottle Used The WRONG WAY! Watch HOW You Should NOT Spray Your Car!

Sometimes people do foolish stuff to mock with someone or just for fun. But this video isn`t such case. This video is actually a tutorial showing how NOT to do stuff, because this experiment ended badly for the Chevrolet SS. You can see a group of people, gathered in a garage trying to use a N2O bottle in a manner that will cause just damage. OK and some laughter. However, it is a good lesson for everybody. And it is also good to have these situations in mind, if it occurs to you to perform a similar act you will be aware of the consequences. In case you do decide to do something foolish like this, make sure you take a video of it! We would love to share more car related fails on this website!

It all ends in less than 5 seconds. The driver starts accelerating, and there is the other guy, with nitrous bottle pointed towards the engine, waiting for a signal to open it. When he gets his cue, he opens the N2O bottle and it all ends with strange sound (like the car is weeping) and lots of smoke. That poor Chevrolet probably didn`t deserve treatment like this! Nonetheless, some people would pretty much do anything just to create a popular video, even destroy a car engine and waste a N2O bottle. They were at the very least kind enough to make a video and teach other people not to do something like this. We let you decide what you should think! Here is the video and make sure you don`t miss it! We can`t tell what were they thinking, can you? Would you dare to do the same?! Feel free to leave your comments.

At last, click here to read the “lesson” that these guys were supposed to read prior to recording this video!