Mercedes Safety Measures Can Prevent A Sudden FLIP OVER During TEST DRIVE!

Check out the Mercedes Safety Measures during the test drive for their new ESP system…

Mercedes Benz Safety Measures Can Prevent A Sudden FLIP OVER See The Amazing Concept 2

Imagine how many lives that thing can save! We all know Mercedes has always been a smart company, but this time, they have outdone themselves, by proving how a bus being tilted so much, doesn`t flip by using this awesome safety feature, that we all hope to see implemented in everyday traffic. Just think about how many cars, buses and trucks full of people flip, and that can all be prevented using this safety feature that Mercedes has developed, just amazing!

Safety first! Well known saying,which we all use and try to implement in our everyday lives. We all know that the guys from Mercedes are doing everything they can to make their customers feel safe in their vehicles for their own good and for the good of their passengers.

Today, we are going to deal a little bit more with busses than we usually do! These are the best Mercedes Safety Measures!

We`ve all used busses as a transport vehicle, especially when we travel in another town, state etc. But we often hear about a bus flipping over and that scares us and sometimes effects our decisions whether we want to travel by bus or not! That`s why Mercedes` engineers thought of a perfect solution for our problems.

They designed a mechanism that includes an extra wheel in the middle of the bus. But this is not an ordinary wheel! It stands out from the main body of the bus and has the job to balance and to prevent a sudden flip over!

In the experiments that you can see in this video, the mechanism seems to be completely safe as it prevented the bus from flipping over no matter how tilted it was! Check out this video and tell us what you think!

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