Owning A BIKE On The HIGHWAY While Riding BACKWARDS!

We finally found out what it really means when someone does something like a boss! We are sure that it refers to the man in this footage that most certainly rides his bike like a boss! We have seen all sorts of bike riding. Extreme riding, fast riding, doing tricks, doing drifts, burnouts and many more types of riding. But have you ever seen a man riding a bike ON THE HIGHWAY while he stands on the seat riding BACKWARDS?! You most definitely have not!

This kind of extremeness is seen once in a lifetime. But, as you probably all know, this extremeness was not widely accepted by the public. And we most certainly understand, the guy has skills, there is no doubt, but is riding backwards really a smart thing to do? Driving like that in the middle of the highway can be fatal.

Nevertheless, check out the video and see whether you approve this kind of behavior or not! Even though it looks like he has done this thousands of times, it might not be the perfect example for future generations and the ones that will try to copy him and his skills.

Anyway, check out this living room bike stunt!