The 3 MOST SKILLED BIKERS Are Ready! 72 Hours With EMPIRE!

After watching Nick Apex and Ernie Vigil destroying the Barber Motorsports Park and disobeying the authorities, it is now time to see them in a different action! This time they are accompanied with Shin Kinoshita! Their task is simple, all they are trying to do is to pack as much chaos they can! Welcome to 72 Hours With EMPIRE!

Christopher Fisher, the film director had a clear idea for this video: The main reason is to represent the bikers` skills! The video is filled with tricks, freestyle riding and lots of fun! Many locations can be spotted on this video such as military bases, rooftops that can be seen in Las Vegas, many mountain roads, Monster Energy`s ware house and many more! Al in all, the “Three Musketeers” made a great tribute to the Southwest region! There is no way that the quality of the video could come into question. The footage was filmed with 300 frames per second using only a HD camera! With all that and the extremely skilled participants, we now have a great 10 minute video! So just sit back, get comfy and relax! We would recommend HD quality for the 72 Hours With EMPIRE, if you ask!

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