Many argue when it comes to drifting! One might say that drifting should be left for cars while others say motor bikes to it better! If we may notice, those that would vote for cars in this case, are the vast majority of the population. But, will they have the same opinion after they see this video we have prepared for you? This drift performance definitely left us speechless and we don`t think you will have a different experience!

The riders from this video literally left us jaw dropped after they did all those amazing drifts! All the speed, the handling, the sound of the burned tires squeak is really everything you would expect from a good drifter!

The footage includes three drivers among which the best one is impossible to be chosen. All of them with differently colored bikes and different tricks to show. There is a part in the video where you get the impression that everything they know is already done. And that`s where they prove you wrong with even sicker tricks and drifts! Don`t wait any longer, click of the footage bellow and find out what we are talking about!

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