REBEL SPIRIT DRIFTING IN A SHOP by Jason DiSalvo, Ernie Vigil & Nick Apex!

Let`s continue with the same rebel spirit rhythm! We are going to focus a little more on the moto drifting. Allow us to present to you a short video made by Jason DiSalvo, Ernie Vigil and Nick Apex! This video is kind of special because it gives us a little more! It`s made like a short film where two former bike drifters go to a bike shop and start remembering the good old days.

These two fellas used to hares the security over there as they used to ride madly and drift inside the shop!! This retrospective allows us to have fun while watching some nasty tricks!

The footage you are about to see, represents the rebel spirit almost every biker has! The spirit that does not allow a biker to take it from the system or the kind of spirit that would make you go wild and risk jail just to `raid` for a couple of minutes!  However, the video is totally worth watching. You will have the chance to relax, laugh and yet be amazed! Check out the video bellow and witness Jason`s, Ernie`s and Nicks`s – Barber Motosports Park Hooliganism!

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