Golf Is Boring! Let’s Do Some Motorcross With Brian Deegan!

This goes out for all of you who possess a tiny bit of rebel spirit! All you need to do is to get comfy in your chair and see Brian Deegan intruding a golf course and turning it into a Motocross Park! As for the record, people were still present on the course playing golf as they usually do only this time – Brian was here to surprise them. After hitting the course, doing couple of circles in the dune while everyone was confused he heard police sirens and got away with his truck!

We must admit that a golf course is really attractive to Motocross riders but should we ruin someone`s fun just for the heck of it? We do not really know if this is a Motocross thing to do but it definitely has two opposing sides. It is up to us to give our own opinion whether Brian did something outrageous or is it simply not that big of a deal. When you think about it, Mr. Brian Deegan would probably want this to be considered a big of a deal, so Ladies and Gentlemen, check out this video! Cheers!

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