Just can`t get enough of that Ernie Vigil! We love his videos. They are what they call – The Whole Package! Filled with biking skills, freestyle knowledge all packed up with high quality cameras and amazing film makers!

Ever imagined being the only one survived after an apocalypse or stuff? What would you be doing then? Do you find it interesting or scary? Think about it, but first check out Ernie Vigil`s new video that shows you the exact same thing! He`s the only one left and he doesn`t find it scary! He is finally able to ride the streets like never before! No traffic, no traffic lights! As Ernie Vigil introduces us with his gear, more specifically with his Avon tires, Monster Energy Helmet, he also represents the British global brand – Castrol! It is all set and ready to go! The streets are empty and waiting for Vigil to hit them. All of these years they have been waiting for some drifts, burnouts and dozens of donuts!!! Thanks to Ernie`s bright spirit and sense of extremeness, he will give that to us! Check it out!

At last, to see more bike action, follow this link!