A Great Combo of 2014 German DRIFT, WHEELIES & BURNOUTS!

Today we are going to show you a very cool compilation video, in which you will have a chance to watch some pretty skillful German drift masters and motorcycle riders, doing all sorts of stunts with their rides, very often dangerous, but also funny and pretty much entertaining things. It is a combination of wheelies, mostly done with off-road bikes, drift-driving on wet roads, mountain roads, off-road tracks and many, many more.

But I will tell you right from the beginning, that we STRONGLY advice you NOT TO use this video as an inspiration to try and do something like this by yourself, because even though it may not look like it from the first watching, these guys are professionals and experienced drivers. You do not want to risk your life by trying to record your own stunt YouTube video, just because you have felt the adrenaline rush watching something like this. Just use it as a `quality time` to relax your mind by watching entertaining stuff.

So, if you like European cars, especially the BMW models like M3 E30 (and others of course), then you are really going to enjoy the following seven minutes, as you are about to see some German drift fellows, doing some drifts, burnouts etc.