2014 BDC Freeride Hallowheel Ride Party Secured By The POLICE!

There is this thing that happens in Paris, France and it`s called Hallowheel Ride Party! Yup, you read that right, what does it remind you of? Well, doesn`t matter what it reminds you off. It`s an urban event that gathers all the bikers of France and the region! They go and rush through the city performing stunts and other tricks!

This is really an amazing event, something that every Gearhead hopes to enjoy some day! The tricks performed here are something special. The 2014 Halowheel Ride Party did not go without the presence of the Police! But they were not there to break the party, but to secure it!

Many famous bike marks can be spotted at the festival! The video is very well produced as many rap hits bang in the background! The tricks look a lot better as the stunts are marvelous!

In this video, Halloween is celebrated in our unique way! But before we continue writing, we feel it is our duty to warn you about the content you are about to see. The stunts performed are extremely dangerous, and we strongly advise you not to try them at home! For your own good. Anyway, the recording below shows us a large group of motorbike riders performing stunts while they are on the highway! In order to be able to do that, they have a little help by the police. Enjoy this video responsibly. Bike & Car Events YES! But Safety on the first place!

Want to know how is Halloween celebrated overseas? Why not! Therefore, check out these Wheelies & Stunts from PARIS, France! It is the most famous ride party in France! Get ready for the 2014 BDC Freeride Hallowheel Ride Party Secured By The POLICE!

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