VICTORY Motorbikes Accompanied With Pure Gearheads’ Sound!

There is an enormous number of videos featuring vehicles with amazing sounds, but sometimes we are not able to completely enjoy it because of a certain melody running in the background. We are OK with that, yet occasionally the back rhythm can really spoil the fun. Especially if it is something annoying! Therefore, we decided to present you a video with no background music, only with pure, enhanced sounds of the revving engines. There are two VICTORY motorbikes in this video, ready to hit the track and perform some drifting for your convenience.

Once the recording starts, you are going to understand what we are talking about. It begins with the sound of the breeze that announces the suitable drifting conditions followed by the sounds of when the bikes are being prepared as well as the riders to put their gear on. After this, it is time for 90 seconds entertainment! Take a look on how these two professional riders own the closed course track, and soak up all those amazing sounds!

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