Come on Gearheads, turn your volume up! Once again we have the music for your ears! This time performed by the loudest DRAGSTER. Sadly, we see it only warming up but that`s pretty good! It is always a delight listening to a tune like this one. Hope we`ll have the chance to see it on the track as well.

Seems that this top fueler is newly built, so these men have to set it up. And they are doing it without much fuss. Nice and neat. Getting ready for the right moment. They are starting the engine and begin with the set up. After a while, out of nowhere, we hear a thud sound and the picture shakes. We didn`t expect that! Couple of seconds later while you are still amazed by that sound, you want to hear some more, and BOOM! There you have it! Those two “burps” were needed to set up the clutch.

Moreover, you are possibly asking yourselves, as we did ourselves, why they are not pushing the gas a bit more, to hear that engine roaring with its full capacity? We don`t know for sure, but at the end of the day it doesn`t really matters. If you know the answer, tell us what you think!

Finally, is this the loudest motorcycle sound ever?