Wheeler Dealer Trading Up A Used Ute With Some Awesome Tricks! Can They Turn A Profit?!

Wheeler Dealers are pretty much known for their buying-fixing-selling endeavors. And when they make an episode where they are showing off their wheeler dealers trading up tricks, we are here to listen.

Mike Brewer from Wheeler Dealers bought a used Ute on an auction for $4750, auction fees included. And the buy proved to be a total success. The used Ute drives remarkably well. The previous owner sure gave a lot of love to his Ute. The interior is very well preserved and the seats are very comfortable, they haven`t lost their comfort at all. The power steering and the gearbox are great. The air conditioning and the radio work swell. In other words, the whole package is excellent! For only $4750 this is an amazing buy!

However, Mike Brewer has something else in mind. He wants to modify this used Ute in order to sell it back and turn a huge profit. And a profit can be made, when you take into consideration that he only bought it for $4750!
In order to modify the Ute in order to bring a huge profit, he goes with his Ute to some certain experts. And it looks he is at the right place. These guys are totally confident that they can make the Ute look a lot better for a small budget. And they got some very nice ideas in mind.

And whole lot of details and details are added to the car that will make a huge difference. Also cleaning and replacing missing parts to make this car stand out! And the new rims that are added to the Ute look fantastic! What is very interesting, is that the mechanic working on the Ute is using a very special tire paint. A sort of tire paste that is applied on the tire. When the tire flexes and the paint also flexes otherwise. Fantastic stuff! What happens next? Does he find a buyer? Find out how the Wheeler Dealers trading up went!

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