When Your Mechanic Said Your Car Is In Perfect Condition!

Working this job, watching all kinds of incredible, and sometimes even unbelievable video clips, with all kinds of cars, bikes, trucks…many times doing totally insane things, one would think that he had seen it all, and that there is not much that can catch us be a surprise. But it seems that when it comes to car accidents and crashes, there is always a room for more, for something that will be a `trail blazer`! This time we have a situation when your mechanic said your car is in perfect condition!

bad mechanic 1

What you are about to see in the video below, is one of those totally crazy moments, that we usually see them happening in Russia. But here is a proof that driving madness never sleeps, and it happens everywhere!

We do not have any info where is this video shot, and from what we can see in the footage, it also does not help much. But the location is not so important, because the major moment is so crazy, it could very well be the most unbelievable accident that we have ever seen.

But I won`t be a spoiler and tell you about it, so just take a look at it, and see the whole thing yourself. Later on, if you feel like it, you can share your thoughts with us in the comment section below! And if that is not enough and you want to see more car crash videos, go to this link.