Must SEE! VOLVO FH16 Equipped With The New I-SHIFT Gearbox With Crawler Gears Hauling 826 Tons!

Volvo trucks are famous worldwide for their incredibly power and quality. In this particular video, their power is put to the ultimate test! What you are about to watch, is one Volvo FH16 truck trying to pull 826 tons! That` whopping 1,680,000lb! The FH16 truck trying to do this feat however is not an ordinary one. This FH16 is equipped with Volvo`s brand new gearbox I-SHIFT with crawler gears. I-SHIFT comes with unique start ability, which allows heavy haulage operators to pull gross weight of up to 728,000lb.

The purpose of this experiment is to see if the Volvo truck is capable of pulling more weight! In order to pull 1,680,000lb, 20 trailers are attached to the FH16! Every trailer has 2 containers on top of one another, accounting to a total of 40 containers! The length of all those trailers is almost 1,000 feet! With the stage prepared for this incredible feat, the Volvo FH16 truck goes to work.

As the presenter puts it, a lot of things can go wrong in the attempt to pull this much weight. The clutch, the I-SHIFT gearbox itself and the prop shaft are just some of the parts at risk. Weather conditions also have to be favorable, because if the road is wet, the traction of the tires might not be good enough! As luck would have it, on the day the experiment was bound to happen, it started snowing! This video was filmed in Sweden, so this was no big surprise.

No amount of snow would stop these guys from testing out the capabilities of the new gearbox with crawler gears! How did the whole experiment end? You will have to watch the video to find out! You will definitely not be disappointed!

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