Meet ROBOPLOW – The Snow Plowing RC Robot!

There are people who cannot stand winter at all! Some simply don`t like cold weather, others are just tired of the old fashioned snow plowing using a shovel and human force. Well, all that is about to be changed! We think we might have the solution which will make the boring and backbreaking process of snow plowing entertaining! We would like to present you the ROBOPLOW!

The first ever RC robot which is made to put an end to the snow shoveling days! With the Roboplow, you will finish your job in no time because it is very fast and very efficient! Even kids can operate with it! Judgin by this video, the Roboplow has been created by a group of science enthusiasts who have apparently been tired of shoveling snow in front of their houses! There are no further information about the building process.

Nevertheless, his snow plowing robot is equipped with 50″ blade, 10W LEDs for night plowing and on board camera. Plus, the mechanism moving the blade is fully pneumatic, allowing the blade to move in 4 directions (up, down, left, right). The power comes from a 660A battery which can be charged on board! Finally, the 6-wheel drive system allows the Roboplow to turn 360˚!

Finally, follow this link to watch one crazy video where an old Hyundai Pony MK1 drifts on a pretty snowy terrain!