This is How Snow Clearing Works In Canada! Watch and Learn!

Every winter, when we see the first snow we get two groups of people: Those who love it and those who hate it! Usually, the ones who love it are the ones that do not need to deal with it which enables them to enjoy the white Earth cloth. Those who hate it, on the other hand, are those that have to clean it. Someone needs to do the snow clearing in the front yard while someone needs to clean the garage entrance.

But to be honest, that is nothing compared to cleaning the streets of the city! Lot of countries get surprised by the first snow, so streets remain stuck for a while, people are late for work due to traffic jams, kids are late for school and if you are riding in a cab – get ready to pay over the odds!

Apparently, this will not be the case if you live in Canada, or should we say Montreal. Those guys over there are doing a magnificent job keeping the streets of their city clean! Click on the footage to see for yourself. Maybe it is not a bad idea for us to adopt this Canadian Snow Clearing System!

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