Check The EASIEST STEP TO INSTALL Snow Traction Devices!

In most countries, having installed winter tires on your vehicle, during this period is a must and if you do not respect that rule you can be easily punished. That is why companies have just started presenting their products for calm winter days. One of them is Spikes Spider -- a team that has invented interesting snow traction devices for your car that can be easily placed and removed.

That statement is actually proved in this video, where one woman is adding the additions to the tires for just one minute and bam -- your vehicle is ready to be driven on ice and snow. Compared to chains, this solution is better and easier to put.

However, there are also some disadvantages and the one that we have spotted, is the size of these traction elements. They can take up too much trunk space and that does not sound so perfect, if you plan a winter holiday with your family. Moreover, after a short talk with users, we have the following complaints: the plastic decorative piece is unattractive and the installation of the hub assembly unit beneath the chains is not easy to put and involves a mechanic.

If you have also tried these products, feel free to share your experience. Anyway, here is a great buying guide for snow chains!