4×4 Off Roading Over A Frozen Lake And Thin Ice! Amazing Traction!

Meteorologists argue that we will have one of the coldest winter ever, so it is better for us to be ready with a heavy machine that will be capable to overcome every surface issue. For centuries people have believed that it is impossible to go 4×4 off roading over a frozen lake. It will pop and you could easily drown. Especially if it is thin ice like the one from the video. However, the guy from the video does not find it difficult to pass the frozen lake as he takes his 4×4 Off roading!

A perfect example for that is this 4×4 vehicle that can help you drive across everything no matter what the surface area is full of. That is actually the ability of the vehicle that is shown in the video below. With its enormous and indestructible tires, this snow monster can take you wherever you want, even if that is across a thinly frozen lake where you can easily fall in. However, with the powerful engine, this vehicle can get you out of any unwanted situation, as it is capable to move really fast.

It is unbelievable how much ice traction this machine has! While watching the video it becomes almost unexplainable how the SUV stays on top of the lake! This 4×4 off roading adventure will remain remembered by us that is for sure!

Check out one more video that will leave you speechless, as us who are still wondering how this 4v4 vehicle has so much traction on ice. If you have more information for this good looking and practical build, feel free to leave your comments.

You just have to be impressed. If not, you`re faking it!

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