Having FUN With The Corvette FUNNY CAR Dragster!

One should really be a huge drag race enthusiast in order to go drag racing on a snow! Here we have one such an example that is coming from the snowy Scandinavia, or from Norway to be exact, where there is never a lack of snow, so that even the most passionate drag-racers are having tough times doing their thing. This Gearhead either has a really funny notion or the guy is really desperate to go out and stretch the legs of his Corvette funny car dragster!

We can only hope that it is one of those cases and not a real life emergency, like trying to get to the hospital as fast as possible, because if that was the case, then, as you can guess, it was a disaster. However, this example is just a fact that in the case of maneuvering, even the funny cars like this cool looking Corvette are totally lousy in snow conditions.

Of course, it is not the wisest decision to try and prove the worth of your `cool car` when there is tons of snow outside, but there is still that possibility that the world would be a better place if we had more funny moments like this one. And if you want to find out the final outcome of this funny car dragster `drift–video`, check it out and have a good 59 seconds of fun.