See How A LYNX Helicopter Lands On A SHIP On Rough Water!

Regardless to the environmental and weather conditions, helicopters are made to be able to operate to ships in such situations. Of course, that wouldn`t be possible without the requirement of exceptional pilot skills. Besides the skills, the pilots also need confidence in order to operate the helicopter in the suitable safety margins. This is where the crew from Prism Defence steps in. However, this Lynx Helicopter landing is magnificent!

Helicopters have wide range of uses. They are often considered as power multiplier for the military and also they play a key role in safety missions, transport of staff etc. It is not seldom when a helicopter has to land on ships, both big and small, in harsh weather conditions. Additionally, in situations like this, the motion of the ship, turbulences and similar factors complicate the pilots` task. Nevertheless, in the video below you are going to see how one landing is conducted on rough seas by a Lynx Helicopter, which is not an easy task at all!

Once you press play, you will immediately realize that the endeavor itself is truly extraordinary! The fact that, the whole situation is recorded from various camera angles, makes this video even more interesting!

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