I do not believe that there is even one person out there who had been in a fast car, or in any type of vehicle for that matter, and who never had some utterly thrilling and suspenseful experience, when he knew that he is on the very edge of crossing the line and get into something that it should not even be spoken. Yes, I think that most of us had been there, and that is the type of adrenaline rush on which I`m referring to now. Today you are going to see and hear the story of Capt. William Mahoney, an AV 8B Harrier pilot in the U.S. Marine Corps., who is and who had been through one really thrilling experience, that could end up badly, due to equipment malfunction of his aircraft.

But the following situation that you are going to see in the video below is something that probably 99 percent of us had never experienced, and watching it on the screen is probably the closest that we are ever going to get. And thank goodness for that. I`m sure that you do not have to be a genius to realize that in order to land a fighter jet, one should have extremely high skills and utter precision.

Just watch the AV 8B Harrier and hear from the man himself. And since we are talking about aircrafts, if you want to see the biggest one ever built, go to this link.